For Law Avenue, candidates are at the core of what we do.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest possible levels of service and to keep you updated every step of the way. We will only ever make an approach on your behalf with your specific consent and our processes are completely confidential.

 You are in control of the process and there is never any pressure to proceed. All of our advice is delivered in a straight forward manner without judgement. We respect your time and are committed to providing you with positive service that assists you moving forward.

We adopt a highly strategic approach to recruitment, presenting you with opportunities that are in line with your career goals and motivations. Equally where we are aware of opportunities that are slightly outside of the square but nonetheless potentially attractive, we will bring these to your attention.

We are available to advise you upon career planning including potential moves and additional study.

We can provide advice on preparing and structuring your CV, including through the use of a basic template. There are a number of options available to you in terms of drafting your CV, ranging in complexity from the basic to the highly detailed. The most appropriate CV for you will depend upon the target audience and your level of experience. Generally for legal staff, the target audience has some knowledge of what you do and so the document should aim to set out your experience in a clear and concise format.

We can provide you with accurate salary data including both our own data and links to other reputable sources.